Jeff Katz
Board Certified Mental Health Coach & Certified Master Life Coach
804-596-6596 or 888-334-5333


Jeff Katz is a Board Certified Mental Health Coach and a Certified Master Life Coach who is available to come alongside you to help you reach your goals and achieve your maximum potential.

Coaching is not counseling; it is not consulting, nor is it mentoring, so what is coaching? Well, think of every successful athlete. Every one of them has a coach. Whether it's hitting, pitching, dunking, jumping, or running, you've got to have a coach. Every great business leader has at least one coach. Some help with the financial growth of the company, and some help the CEO hone marketing abilities.

Jeff's background uniquely positions him to help first responders, families with special needs members, and those who would like to enhance their communication skills.

Jeff is certified as a DISC Profile Analyst, which allows him to help you identify those areas in which you already excel and those that you'll want to enhance.

Jeff adheres to a very strict code of ethics, so you may have the ultimate confidence moving forward. 

Feel free to call 804-596-6596, 888-334-5333, or email!